March 28, 2013

I was still a kid when the first Matrix movie came out. Though I can still remember the debate my parents had when I asked if I could watch it: Is he ready for it? The movie itself was quite mind opening for it’s time (for a Hollywood blockbuster atleast), but my parents were probably more afraid of how I would interpet the movie. I was the day dreaming kind of kid and would this ‘question reality’ concept do me any good?

It was only until a couple of years ago I began to better study the whole philosophical concept behind the trilogy, which is extremely fascinating. I just came to the realisation that the debate of wether I should be aware of such theories is still perfectly valid today.

The Animatrix consists of 12 chapters that fill the gap between our current time and the situation where the machines breed us (the second renaissance). The final chapters also dive deeper into some of the ethical problems that rise up when you falsify reality (beyond).

Two years ago I had an assignment where I needed to arrange five ‘events’ on a scale from post-modern to modern. I choose the fictional events described in the second renaissance to create a small visualization (in dutch).